"I vill enjoy vivisecting you."~Dr. Heinrich Beckermann

Dr. Heinrich Beckermann is an evil doctor and the main antagonist. Despite having "Dr." in his name, he actually lacks a medical license or any regard for the Hippocratic Oath.


Throughout most of the game, he simply wears a bloodstained surgeon mask and lab coat. He also wears glasses. The only time the player can glimpse his full appearance is in one of the family photos. In these, he is shown to have green eyes. These photos are the only times he is not holding his axe.


  • He has the strange habit of torturing people in his basement.
  • He is the only living adult in the family.
  • His logs are found around the mansion. One is particularly important:
"Zis is Dr. Heinrich Beckermann. My children are turning out to be just like me. Like father, like son, I suppose. Zere is nothing I can do about zat. Wie der Vater so der Sohn.....Wie der Vater so die Tochter....(translation: Like Father, Like Son.....Like Father, Like Daughter....)"
  • Despite the time period the game takes place in, it has been confirmed that he is not a Nazi.