The Doctor's Recordings are items found in the mansion. They are entries in the doctor's audio diary.


"Zis is Dr. Heinrich Beckermann. I have successfully mastered ze art of corpse reanimation. My intentions are to flood ze house with ze living dead, vhich have been made into my...medical assistants. I have also prevented zem from going rogue and betraying me. Ze untoten(translation: undead) are in my mansion, and are ze result of my torture experiments. Ja(translation: Yes), I have managed to fill ze house with leichen(translation: corpses) and zey are downstairs."~Found in Wilhelm's Bedroom

"Zis is Dr. Heinrich Beckermann. I have checked my son's closet. He owns a kleine axt(translation: small axe). Zis must mean he is becoming like me. I cannot let zat auftreten(translation: occur). I do not vant him to make my same mistakes. Zerefore, I think I vill stop him by turning him into a zombie vhile he is still rein(translation: pure). I vonder if Yvette is becoming like me as vell....Nein(translation: No). She is more likely to be like her Mutter(translation: mother)is...VAS, and become a.....vat vas she again? Oh, zat's right. She vas a zahnarzt(translation: dentist). Neverzeless, I must check her schlafzimmer(translation: bedroom) anyvay."~Found in the Living Room

"Zis is Dr. Heinrich Beckermann. I vas falsch(translation: wrong) about Yvette becoming a zahnarzt(translation: dentist). She owns a messer(translation: knife). Zis greatly mißfällt(translation: displeases) me. I cannot let zis happen. Was waren meine Absichten mit Wilhelm wieder?(translation: What were my intentions with Wilhelm again?) Ah, Ja(translation: yes). I vas going to make him into a zombie. Maybe I vill try zat vith Yvette......or possibly a different approach.....anyvay, I can't vait to find my next test subject....(psychotic laughter)"~Found in the Mudroom